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Tailor made partnerships to protect, manage, maintain and support your IT Systems, IT infrastructure, Networks, Cloud and On site servers, computers plus devices. We bring a Fast Friendly Professional response to support and we are audited annually to provide peace of mind on our client confidentiality, trust and quality standards.

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Lets you access your data, your information, your services from anywhere, whenever you want via the Internet and usually a Web Browser. If your data and services are in “The Cloud” technically it doesn’t matter where the data is that you access, use, or share, all that concerns you is that you can access your data whenever you want. If you’ve used Hotmail (now, gmail, one drive, google drive you have already used some free Cloud Computing. If you use Sales Force as your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or use Office 365 or Google Apps these are utilising Cloud Computing, and could also be called SaaS. It’s a service you pay for, and its utilising Cloud Computing.

One very important point when moving any service into The Cloud is to make sure policies are in place for how your Cloud services are accessed and as importantly where your Cloud services and confidential data is accessed from, i.e. perhaps you do not want staff using the unsecure Internet Café whilst on holiday.

Office Productivity

Office 365 refers to Microsoft’s subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Skype for Business web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business and Skype minutes for home.

Many Office 365 plans also include the desktop version of the latest Office applications, which users can install across multiple computers and devices. The full, installed applications include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. (Publisher and Access are available on PC only.) And you can install them across multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android phones, iPad, and iPhone. When you have an active Office 365 subscription that includes the desktop version of Office, you always have the most up-to-date version of the applications.

The Office 365 plans that are online-only are a great choice for certain business needs, and they are compatible with desktop versions of Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007 (with slightly limited functionality), Office 2016 for Mac, Office 2011 for Mac, and Office 2008 for Mac. This does not include the Exchange Online Kiosk or Office 365 Enterprise K1 plans. All Office 365 plans are paid for on a subscription basis, monthly or annually.

Google Apps is the competing package from Google, the suite includes file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real-time collaboration with Google Docs, video meetings with Hangouts and email with Gmail. Google Apps users carry out all their work through a web browser and although able to work offline and sync when back online it doesn’t include a full desktop software application for your Windows, Apple or Linux computer.

Hosted Desktops and Hosted Servers

Virtual Desktops and Hosted Servers are moving all of your local desktop computing into The Cloud. You just need a device which can be a computer (mac or windows) terminal, tablet or event phone to connect. All of the computing is carried out on servers that provide you with a desktop which is virtual and hosted in The Cloud. All your data is hosted offsite and all your services are managed. This means you can log onto your desktop computer from anywhere with an Internet connection and be presented with the same interface and applications that you have when at the office or at home.

Hosted Email Services

Exchange Online is moving your on-premise Exchange server into the Cloud. If you Exchange server is getting a bit tired, or you’re thinking of upgrading to the latest version of Exchange then it may be worth looking at Hosted Exchange this can be a full Office 365 solution or just moving your Exchange server to a hosted cloud based solution which ever’s most appropriate for your organisation. You can still use Outlook and sync your iPhone, Android or even you Blackberry device to your Outlook Calendars and Contacts

Protect your Network

Protection against Anti-Virus, Malware, Phishing and Spam if you have an on premise mail server or you just have Emails downloaded to your computer at your home office then having all of your emails scanned for malware, phishing, viruses and spam before any of these threats reach you network if a much better solution than trying to remove dangerous threats once they’ve arrived past the front door to your network. Our solutions provides daily updates on any emails that have been misidentified as dangerous and easy one click to release, mark as trusted or delete. Prices start at £1 to provide enterprise level protection for you.

Cloud Hosted Backups – Why Should You Backup? Online backup is a great way to protect your companies critical data against all eventualities. Your data is encrypted and stored in geographically diverse Tier 4 Data Centres. If your critical data is lost then a vast majority of organisations will struggle to recover many never recovering from the loss of data, 93% of companies that lose their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster and that 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for the same period filed for bankruptcy immediately? Offsite Backup starts at just 34p per day

Disaster Recovery Plan
Sometimes called a Business Continuity Plan this is the plan in place to action in the event of a disaster form critical hardware failure to a catastrophic event at the organisations premises. This is relevant even if your organisation has fully embraced the cloud so the organisation will have a plan in the event of any event of any potential disaster events there is a plan in place that can be quickly actioned. We assist our clients in the creation and feasibility of a DSR / BCP that will allow the continuation of business at a cost that is affordable for the organisation.


Hosted telecoms It’s now affordable and feasible to migrate a whole phone system to hosted cloud system. This gives the whole features of an enterpise phone system without the need to purchase and maintain your own onsite system. An added advantage is your handsets just need an Internet connection to be able to connect to the phone switch and behave as though your plugged in a the office. With our Cloud services it really is possible to work away from the office but still be connected as though you are at the office.

100% Resilience

With your services in the cloud having a broadband connection to connect you to your business critical resources with built in resilience becomes a business critical requirement. It it much more cost effective to invest capital in a service that has resilience that have the disruption of organising staff to work from home when an outage occurs on a non resilient.

Quick and excellent support

As the North & East Kent BT Local Business service supplier we have complex requirements to support our systems and network. Roland, Heather and Nova IT Solutions were recommended to us and we have been very pleased with our decision to select them as our IT support company. We have called upon their support many times and always get quick and excellent support to resolve our issues. Importantly they are proactive in identifying inefficiencies and recommending and implementing changes that improve our systems performance, resiliency and efficiency. We have no hesitation in warmly recommending them to any business; large or small!

Telecoms and Infrastructure Services

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