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Green IT, keeping your IT as environmentally friendly as possible is about reducing your power consumption which will reduce the emissions being produced to power your IT Systems. There are of course other sides such as sourcing your suppliers of hardware, software and services that share your commitment to keep your IT environmentally friendly.

This goes above just a commitment to the environment as reducing your power consumption will also reduce the energy bills your organisation pays.

Virtualisation is one of the easiest ways of reducing your footprint on the environment if you have more that two servers as we can replace 2 or more servers with one server. If we migrate 4 physical servers to 1 physical server we’ve just reduced the power you consume by 75%, the heat you produce by 75% so your air conditioning also uses less power now there’s less heat to dissipate from the comms room.

Hosted Systems where appropriate can also help by moving systems such as phones, databases and even whole networks to efficient secure data centres reducing your power consumption and heat generation and costs.

Hardware being sourced from suppliers who also commit to being as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible is a part of the chain of supply. Using suppliers like ourselves means the options proposed will not only fulfil the purpose needed for you organisations IT but also help to reduce your organisations costs by selecting energy efficient solutions from hardware manufacturers creating equipment that is efficient and cost effective to purchase.

It doesn’t need to be a choice between being an organisation that implements IT choices to suit or implement IT choices that are cheaper. Allowing us to advice, consult and work in partnership with you can bring both an environmentally friendly Green IT solutions and save the running costs that your organisation will budget for. What ever size you are there can be advantages to keeping updated and current with your IT choices.

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As always Nova IT Solutions pulls out the stops, excellent service, Many thanks.

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